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Using Windows update to find missing device drivers

Friday, 16 October 2020  |  Steve Collett
f you have performed a reinstallation or reset of Windows 10 then you may find you have some missing hardware drivers, for example, your graphic card or chipset. 

As long as your computer has an active internet connection, then running a Windows update is normally the easist and quickest method and can be peformed by following the instructions below:


Select the Start  button, and then go to Settings  > Update & Security   > Windows Update . Then click "Check for Updates"


It may take up to 10 minutes or longer to find missing drivers, so put the kettle on, relax and put up your feet while you wait!

Friday, 16 October 2020  |  Steve Collett

If your computer is running rather sluggish, for example, slow at booting up, programs taking too long to execute or in the worst-case scenario it does not boot up at all, this does not always indicate a hardware issue. On most occasions the issue is software related caused but not limited to the following:

- Failed Windows Update

- An incompatible hardware driver

- A recent hardware change

- Incompatible Software

- User error (for example not shutting down the PC correctly)

Thursday, 1 October 2020  |  Steve Collett

Occasionally Windows 10 may run into a problem and present you with the following screen -


This can be caused by a number of problems including -

  • Virus/Malware infection
  • A failed Windows Update
  • An incompatible Hardware/Software change
  • Accidental deletion of a critical system file

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